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Inspiring Leadership Solutions  

I have a great pride in the quality of work I always strive to provide for my clients, and I have taken the same care and consideration in selecting leadership development professionals to work with me over the years.

Whether you are an individual manager or a team looking to develop your leadership and people skills, we can help you do that. We specialise in improving leadership and team performance through emotional intelligence, and we will work with you to find the best way to provide what you need, and share your success with you.

We offer a full range of leadership and people skills development aimed at improving employee engagement, performance and productivity

Individual and Team emotional intelligence diagnostic measurement, including 360 degree feedback

Building trust in relationships  

Emotional intelligence c
oaching, consultancy and facilitation

Access to a
ccreditation in applied emotional intelligence diagnostic tools, coaching and leadership qualifications via Minds4Success.co.uk

Access to online emotional intelligence-based leadership and coaching tools via PeopleIntelligence.com

Enjoy developing your leadership skills with Able People Development

  • We're emotionally intelligent leaders ourselves!
  • We've put in the years of training and development, experience and practice, and external accreditation that enables us to 'walk the talk'
  • This means we're 'naturals'. We're authentic, friendly, approachable, and perhaps most importantly, non-judgemental professionals
  • We recognise the importance of attitudes and habits in bringing about effective behaviour change and performance improvement that lasts.
  • We use best practice UK learning and development tools.
  • We have a coherent theoretical basis for our approach to leadership via emotional intelligence which is well researched and documented, and explains it simply and effectively.

We will work with you on an individual basis to help you develop your leadership skills, recognising that each of us has a unique personality and set of values, attitudes, knowledge and experience that calls for personalised coaching and development. This need not be hugely time consuming, nor expensive. We have self-development tools available for people to work with on their own if they prefer, or with a coaching "buddy" when they have the time. Whilst face-to-face is often the most effective way of coaching, we live in a demanding world and online coaching via Skype video or by telephone can often work just as well.

Above all, we don't come with preconceived ideas or solutions. We respect the right of every individual to receive the development that best meets their needs and helps them to achieve their ambitions.

Call Mac on 0131 664 5004 or 07710 447770, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to begin your transformation

Prefer Self Help?

We offer access to high quality, affordable online self-development tools developed in the UK, with or without coaching support, from as little as £20 + vat