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A 'best of the best' leadership development programme to Engage and Inspire

This unique programme is an inspired combination of group leadership development and individual coaching. Its mission is to turn employee engagement from “touchy feely” buzzword to “mission critical” reality.

Amongst the many developments that have taken place in leadership over the past few years, two stand out: the MacLeod Report on employee engagement, and the work of Steve Radcliffe who published his very practical guide to leadership entitled "Leadership Plain and Simple". Bring these two together and we have the makings of an inspirational leadership development programme designed to raise the worryingly low levels of employee engagement in the UK, e.g. only 12 % of employees are fully engaged with their job.

It's worrying because engaged employees always do their job to the best of their ability and that can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Crucial in these difficult economic times. If people are engaged, they will go further and faster and company performance will be leaps and bounds ahead of competitors. Without the engagement of the workforce, managers will continue to struggle. That's why we urgently need more engaging and inspiring leaders, and why this programme is so vital.

I have taken these two key ingredients of engaging and inspiring leadership and combined them, firstly with a unique coaching process refined over a number of years to help each individual manager find his or her own leadership style "from within" so that it is authentic; and secondly with a range of leadership support activities such as action learning, and leadership skills inputs provided on a "responsive to needs" basis to provide a sense of shared, collaborative group learning and development, 

This winning combination has everything that experience has taught me over many years that "works", and I am excited about getting it adopted as quickly and as widely as possible. I invite individual managers and those in organisations who are committed to improving the quality of their leadership to come and talk to me about getting involved in this programme.

Like to know more? Why not have a look at some of the key influences that have shaped my thinking on leadership development which you will find under the 'Links' tab?

Inspiring small shifts in attitude to make a BIG difference in performance