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Inspiring small shifts in attitude to make a BIG difference in performance

Emotional Intelligence-based leadership consultancy

Everything that people do in organisations they do either by themselves, or more usually with other people, and they do it in a variety of changing situations.  So everyone needs to be effective at self management, relationship management and situation management, and these are the outputs of intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and situational intelligence, the three pillars of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

It is remarkable, therefore, how much of what an organisation does is dependent on the levels of emotional intelligence of its members, thus how much of an organisation’s activities I can help you manage more effectively.  You will know much more than I do about what you do, but I can help you examine the 'how' of what you do, and to do it more effectively and profitably.

Consultancy assignments

There is no standard profile for an Able People Development consultancy assignment; they can begin in all sorts of ways.   Sometimes starting at the top, with an MD who knows exactly what he or she wants.  Sometimes starting further down the organisation, and the success of the project means that the improvement activities in that organisation gradually spread up and across.  Sometimes starting with a team intervention, perhaps with an initially underperforming team, and then the team members want to explore their personal EI profiles.  Sometimes starting by helping an individual develop their EI, and then they say “I’d like to do this sort of thing with my team”.

Whatever the starting point, there are three essentially important characteristics:

  1. The model of emotional intelligence AppliedEI®, which, as its name implies, is focused on the practical application of emotional intelligence, while being solidly grounded in theory
  2. The diagnostic tools used which offer bespoke interventions appropriate to all levels and functions of your organisation
  3. My own and my trusted associates' knowledge of EI and its applications, and experience in the use of the measures, and the most importantly, we are emotionally intelligent ourselves.

Developing in-house capability

I hope that you will profit from working with me and my associates. In the long term however, evangelical as we are about our work, we are keen to work ourselves out of a job.

I shall be delighted if you decide to send your people on accreditation training to use the EI diagnostic tools or the 9-month postgraduate programme for EI coaches, and thus build your own capacity for EI development and promotion, and for internal EI-based consultancy.

Want to know more about the leadership coaching and training work I do? You'll find details under the 'Services' tab sub menus.