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Inspiring small shifts in attitude to make a BIG difference in performance

'Inner Confidence' Leadership Coaching

Coaching that has the capacity to bring humanity back to the workplace.

Miles Downey, coach and author of Effective Coaching, lessons from the coach's coach, is an inspiration. His work is my work: helping people, though coaching, to free themselves from fear and doubt and to matter to themselves, their employers and their colleagues.  To be fully engaged in what they do, and to feel the joy of working at their full potential.

This type of coaching is founded on Timothy Gallwey's Inner Game and on emotional intelligence. It is much more insightful than conscious, 'thinking mind' coaching because it taps into the unconscious, "body mind" or emotional mind where our true potential and excellence resides. 

Gallwey came up with his formula "Performance = Potential minus Interferences". Interferences are usually based in fear and doubt, e.g. fear of failing or making a fool of oneself, self-limiting beliefs, lack of self self-confidence, trying too hard, etc. Thus one way to increase performance is to reduce these inner interferences by focusing attention in order to reach a state of relaxed concentration or "flow" which is the place where people learn best and perform at their best.

Effective coaching in the workplace based on this approach delivers sustainable high performance, fulfilment and joy from which both the individual and the organisation benefit. We know, we've done it with countless numbers of people, and we've perfected it though application and working with the finest individual and team development tools currently available. Our aim is to help as many managers as possible to experience this process in order to fulfill their leadership potential and make a big contribution to improving employee engagement in the UK.  We can only do this with your help and we invite you to come and have an initial conversation with us about how it works.

Coaching the emotionally intelligent way

Emotional Intelligence CoachingEffective CoachingEI-based coaching differs from standard coaching in that it works at both a logical, reasoning level and an emotional awareness level, addressing knowledge, attitude, skills and behavioural habits for sustained learning and development. It is non-judgemental and self-directive, focusing on the principles and practices of emotionally intelligent coaching described by such notable authors Neale, Spencer-Arnold and Wilson in their book Emotional Intelligence Coaching, and by Myles Downey in his book Effective Coaching, Lessons from the Coach's Coach.

Where funds are limited

UK-based EI Coach Maureen Bowes of "People Intelligence" has produced three very practical self-coaching guides in the form of a great little book entitled "me + you =, 100 ways to work out a formula for success in your personal and professional relationships"; a video series about how to build trust in relationships called "It's all about Relationships"; and a comprehensive package "Towards a Coaching Culture", a series of 10 video shorts, 50+ PDF downloads, including a set of coaching cards, for increasing and improving coaching practice. You can find details of these and many other free and paid-for resources on Maureen's website by clicking this link http://www.peopleintelligence.com

And Canada-based British author, speaker and leadership coach Amanda Knight has recently fulfilled a lifetime ambition to make affordable her acclaimed development tool, the "Individual Potential Accelerator" or iPA for short, to anyone who aspires to be successful in life, regardless of their financial situation, This consists of an online self-assessment, 20-page personalised report of personal and relationship success factors, an e-workbook based on the report to guide self-development, and an mp3 audio file, all for £20 + vat. So, there is no excuse for any individual or organisation to say they can't afford personal development. They can! Click on this link for details www.ipatool.com

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