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The most common causes of a team’s failure to live up to its potential and not to be as effective as it might be are not deficiencies in the knowledge, skills or experience of its members, but rather failures to relate to one another effectively and to work together as an effective team.  It is these shortcomings in effective teamworking and their causes that the Successful Teamwork Performance indicator (STPi) measures, in order that they can be remedied.

The STPi is composed of 94 items, presented online in random order but which belong to nine separate scales, which respondents are asked to assess as:

  • Not a problem
  • A problem, or
  • A serious problem

The STPi also has open questions inviting respondents to describe in their own words their assessment of the team and its strengths, and a separate section on leadership and followership, since the leadership style of the team leader is one of the chief influences on the culture of the team.

It takes about thirty five minutes to complete online.

Particular applications

The performance of almost all teams can be enhanced by their members completing the STPi, exploring the results, identifying what patterns need changing and then setting about making those changes.   In particular, it can be effectively used: (1) remedially, to diagnose what is going wrong in an underperforming team; and (2) diagnostically, by getting two differentially performing teams to complete the STi more or less simultaneously, and identifying what the crucial differentiating factors are.

Qualifications for use

The STPi must be used under the supervision of a consultant who has completed the necessary training and is accredited in its use.  Only such a person may take the respondent team through the required exploration session following completion of the STPi.

Find out more

If you would like to have more information about the STPi, please contact us for more information.