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The SIPi

  • Is designed to be the first step in an ongoing process of emotional intelligence development as an inspiring, authentic and engaging leader.
  • Is the most comprehensive and penetrating measure of individual emotional intelligence there is.
  • Measures individuals along 17 scales relating to aspects of emotional intelligence, plus their ”Life Position” and their Conditions of Worth.
  • Is completed online.
  • Takes approximately 40 minutes.
  • 360° version validates the respondent’s self perceptions against ratings of not less than four, and up to twelve others nominated by them.
  • 360° version is also completed online, and takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Particular applications

Given the strong correlation between levels of emotional intelligence (EI) and levels of performance, it makes sense for any organisation to seek to promote the emotional intelligence of all of its employees, particularly their managers who are responsible for role modelling positive attitudes and skills.  EI based coaching and development, starting with a SIPi+360º profile with a knowledgeable, skilled and emotionally intelligent coach, is the ideal route for personal development.

Qualifications for use

The SIPi+360º must be used under the supervision of a consultant who has completed the necessary training and is accredited in its use.  Only such a person may take the respondent through the required exploration session following completion of the SIPi.

Find out more

If you would like to have more information about the SIPi, please contact us for more information.