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The iPA - and now the new self-managed version, the iPALite

  • Is the first of an exciting new suite of tools which helps us explore how we relate to ourselves and with others - as individuals, as leaders and in teams
  • Provides a unique perspective on the area that impacts performance most – the relationships people have with each other
  • Measures a range of relationship factors distilled from recognised human behavioural and relationship theories including emotional intelligence
  • Is completed online, and takes approximately 15 minutes
  • Is supported by a simple, optional 360° online questionnaire which takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete

The report explores ‘relationship with self’ and ‘relationship with others’, considering the underlying aspects and likely relationship success factors. As well as being a diagnostic tool, the iPA has been designed specifically to facilitate change and development. An interactive ‘Next Steps’ workbook provides exploration and useful tips for enabling the individual to understand how they relate with others, and how they may be getting in their own way of enjoying healthy and fulfilling relationships with others, personally and professionally. The reports and workbooks can be customised to meet a range of applications such as the ones we have listed below.

Particular Applications

  • Individual performance improvement focused on relationship awareness and management
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Team and relationship development
  • Compatibility between two people, or within a team
  • Conflict management situations

Qualifications for use

The iPA must be used under the supervision of a consultant who has completed the necessary training and is accredited in its use. Only such a person may take the respondent through the required exploration following completion of the iPA.

The iPALite is different. It has been designed for self-management, and is an incredibly affordable, high quality tool that is a real recession-beater at £20 + vat!

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