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1   Link   Minds4Success
Assess your success mindset as a leader
2   Link   Scottish Enterprise
Leadership development support from Scottish Enterprise
3   Link   Chartered Management Institute
Passionate about management and leadership excellence
4   Link   Vineet Nayar, Remarkable CEO
Employees First, Customers Second
5   Link   Leadership Plain and Simple
Steve Radcliffe and team, helping you grow as a leader and make a bigger difference
6   Link   Jim Collins, author of Built to Last, Good to Great, and How the Mighty Fall
Free access to all the resources to help in understanding and applying the ideas in Jim's books
7   Link   The Work Foundation, part of Lancaster University
Outstanding Leadership Research
8   Link   Dr Martyn Newman, author of Emotional Capitalists, the New Leaders
Building Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Success
9   Link   Inspirational Leadership Survey
Obtain a free report of your inspirational leadership capability by taking the former Department of Trade & Industry's survey