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Inspiring small shifts in attitude to make a BIG difference in performance

Learning and Development for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a vital part of how today's leaders meet the significant challenges they face in inspiring and engaging their people in an ever increasingly demanding environment. It's perhaps no surprise then that demand for leadership development programmes which feature emotional intelligence has increased dramatically.

Fortunately, two of the UK's leading emotional intelligence experts, Maureen Bowes and Amanda Knight, have produced online leadership development programmes which are not only very accessible and flexible, to fit in with your lifestyle, but also very affordable. Whether you want to use these programmes as your main source of EI learning and development, or as a supplement to other work you may be embarked upon, they will provide a constant source of high quality support.

Maureen's programme is called "Sorting People Out, A Guide for Transformational Leaders" and can be found on the homepage of her website It is a 7-part guided online programme employing a rich mixture of learning media which takes place over 70 days, with web-based support and optional 1-to-1 coaching.

Amanda's online programmes give delegates an opportunity to accredit themselves at the front of a growing discipline that is emotionally intelligent leadership, as well as undertaking a level of personal development rarely experienced on other programmes.

For Starters

Raise your EQ:
An 8-week, online course of the 8 fundamental emotional intelligence factors that underpin a leader's success mindset.

You will explore how to manage your expectations and stay resilient, as well as how to become confident in all your relationships, and share control with others easily and effectively. You will discover how to express your needs in conflict and negotiation in a balanced way that creates a win-win outcome for everyone.

These are just some of the essential skills for success that you will explore during the 'Raise Your EQ' online programme. Each week you will receive a pre-recorded webinar, MP3 file and e-workbook about one of the 8 factors so that you can work through this at your own pace.

This online course represents great value at £198, and a 3-part instalment plan is also available.

Authentic Leaders workshops

Two foundation level workshops provide the building blocks for the full programme in Transformational Leadership which can lead to a postgraduate award with Middlesex University:

Personal Awareness in Leadership: an in-depth exploration of the personal attitudes and behaviours that underpin Authentic and Transformational Leadership, and how to develop these.

Relationship Mastery: an exploration of the essential 21st Century leadership skills set - effective relationship management - including how to develop your Know-Like-Trust factor.

The Transformational Leader: combining the learnings of the Personal Awareness in Leadership and the Relationship Mastery workshops, this 9 month blended learning programme can also lead to a postgraduate award of 20 credits from Middlesex University.

Find out more

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